Our Education

Ohio's method of funding school systems was ruled unconstitutional in 1997 by the Ohio Supreme Court, yet our school systems continue to be funded by property taxes. More affluent communities are able to provide better opportunities for their students than less advantaged communities. School funding should not rely upon property levies-but rather, a dedicated funding appropriation through the Ohio State House in Columbus. This method has been proven a viable, and more reliable alternative by our neighbors in Pennsylvania.

Our Seniors

Since 2000, the number of senior citizens living in Ohio has nearly doubled, while the Senior Community Services Block Grant has been cut in half. Our senior citizens deserve to be treated with dignity, and have access to appropriate healthcare, stable housing, and nutrition. Our Senior Community Services Block Grant can be restored without compromising a balanced state budget.

Workers Rights

I will fight for Ohio's workers by fighting against Right to Work laws. The entire “Right to Work” campaign is a gross misrepresentation based on deception as a political strategy. This is a prime example of an unethical campaign practice. While the name makes it seem like a noble advocate of social mobility and democratic principles, according to We are Ohio: “Workers in Right to Work is Wrong states bring home $681 dollars less per month than people in non-Right to Work states.” What “Right to Work” does, is strip workers of their union and collective bargaining rights. So yes, I guess it leaves workers with a right to work, just not the right to adequate pay and benefits. Ohioans can’t afford this. And they can’t afford to keep legislators who think this is a worthy cause. I will always defend labor rights for the workers in our state, and in my district. Labor built this nation’s middle class and must be defended. Right to Work is Wrong for Ohio.

Our Economy

Ohio's economy is lagging because our rate of new business formation, and/or recruitment is trailing most of the nation. When new businesses either form or move to Ohio, it causes movement in the local economy, thus creating innovation and new job opportunities. New job opportunities means more money pumped back into local economies to help pay for services and the updates to our infrastructure that we so desperately need.
Business and government MUST work together to fuel economic development. I support Public-Private Partnerships while safeguarding prevailing wages to ensure that employees have an opportunity to grow.