Meet Cassie Gabelt

Your candidate for Ohio House District 50

My name is Cassie Gabelt. I’m a mother, a proud Navy veteran, a recent college graduate, and a lifelong resident of Alliance, Ohio.

I come from a hard-working family. My father was a teacher with the Marlington School District for over 30 years, and my mother did clerical work for a local attorney. Unfortunately, our family was shattered in 2004 when we lost our mother to breast cancer, and as the oldest of three siblings living at home, I stepped in to help my father raise my younger sisters.

Upon graduating high school I enrolled at the University of Mount Union, but soon found myself pulled in a different direction. I felt the call to serve my country, and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2008. I spent my first two years at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, where I studied Arabic, and my second two years at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

During my time with the Navy, I served as a liaison between various government contractors, spearheaded a Quality Assurance program, developed a Departmental Limited Duty Status program, and drafted correspondences between my unit and a more senior unit in Washington D.C. These, and other aspects of my position, introduced me to the inner-workings and nuances of government.

Following my discharge, I returned to Alliance and re-enrolled at Mount Union to complete my Undergraduate Degree in French. Due to my early graduation, I was able to apply the remainder of my GI Bill towards post-graduate work. I earned my Master’s Degree in Political Management through The George Washington University in December 2017.

My military experience, post-graduate studies, and recent mediation work with troubled youth have all steered me to realizing my true passion: public service.

The decisions made by our elected officials impact every aspect of our lives – from the taxes we pay, to the type of gas we put in our cars, to the quality of healthcare we receive. Their decisions will determine what kind of life my son, and all of our children, will come to know.

As a college graduate, I know the shock of exorbitant tuition rates and the burden of student debt. As a mother, I know the immeasurable value of having affordable healthcare when the unexpected hits, and the crucial importance of a quality education for my son. And as a member of our community, I know what it is like to have a job that doesn’t pay a livable wage, to watch as the bills stack up each month, and to worry about making ends meet.

I believe that government should work for you and your family – not the other way around, and that it is the duty of our elected officials to work for the best interests of those they represent. It is these beliefs that I will carry with me every day if I am given the privilege of representing the 50th District in the Ohio General Assembly.

Help Cassie Flip the 50 on November 6th!

Time Until the General Election

Date: 11/06/2018
Location: Stark County, Ohio


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